Full Stack & Mobile Software Developer possessing the capacity to quickly learn and successfully apply new technologies. Exhibits strong work ethic and demonstrated performance, as both part of a team and individually.


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< Women Who Code International Connect Conference Mobile App >

~ Collaborated within a remote team of iOS and Android developers along side a graphic designer to develop harmonious mobile applications on both platforms
~ Featured a convenient way for hundreds of attendees to create a personalized session schedule and gain easy access to event related information
~ Packaged the application with proper branding for the 2019 annual Women Who Code Connect conference held in San Francisco, CA
Environment: Android Studio | Java | Android SDK | Firebase Realtime Database | Cmder | Git | GitHub | Trello | Slack CLICK TO SEE IT ON GOOGLE PLAY
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< Flight Reservation System >

~ Crafted a Spring supported REST API flight booking system using, Hibernate, JPA, and PostgreSQL
~ Integrated above with an AngularJS client side using $HTTP, data binding, filters, and Angular Material
~ Customized and displayed Google Maps of flight routes and booking itineraries using ng-map directive
Environment: Eclipse Neon | PGAdmin | Atom | Cmder | Git | GitHub CLICK TO SEE IT ON GITHUB
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< Stationary Creator >

~ Designed a JavaScript and jQuery application where the user can create wedding stationary
~ Provided users the ability to enter event details as well as select embellishment options and colors
Environment: Visual Studio Code | Cmder | Git | GitHub CLICK TO SEE IT ON GITHUB
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< Angular To-Do List >

Angular 4 and Typescript application to create, edit, and store, list items
Environment: Angular CLI | Visual Studio Code | Cmder | Git | GitHub CLICK TO SEE IT ON GITHUB

[2] BIO

LaVette was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. From elementary, she began to develop problem solving skills through activities such as logic puzzles and point and click adventure games, which she continues to enjoy today. She was later awarded a full engineering scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh, where she was introduced to some markup and programming languages. Those new found skills sparked a deep passion for development urging her to continue with self learning and enroll in college computer science courses. LaVette became an active member in the Atlanta tech community where she is a proud member of Women Who Code. She enjoys attending hackathons, where she has won awards, and volunteering time to organizations exposing underprivileged kids to STEM fields. She continues to find ways to increase her knowledge base, which includes attending developer conferences. Her outside interests include hosting game nights, having brunch with friends, watching movies, and extreme couponing.





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